2016-12-06 - Allegro

Auto-grade buck regulator drives LEDs

The A6217 LED driver, made with N-channel DMOS switch for DC-to-DC buck conversion, caters to a variety of automotive lighting…

2016-12-02 - Julien Happich

Tunable MEMS filter gives iPhone hyperspectral powers

Researchers have fabricated an iPhone 5s hyperspectral imager demonstrator with a single MEMS FPI tunable filter for the visible-range around…

2016-11-25 - Paul Rako

Easily isolate circuits with optical fibre

You never regret adding isolation between your circuits. And that is true not just for power supplies, but for isolating…

2016-11-25 - Paul Rako

Versalink vs MIDI for optical isolation

Don’t discount physical connections. While wireless technology is ascendant, it can never be as reliable or as secure as a…

2016-10-31 - Julien Happich

Nanowire-based LED fills green-yellow gap

The method reduces the blue-intensity of white lights, creating an eye-friendly warmer white.

2016-10-26 - Julien Happich

Custom touch switches offer PCAP touchscreen benefits

Next to the transparent touch fields, engineers can easily integrate normal capacitive keys with LED backlighting in multiple colours.

2016-10-02 - Julien Happich

IC-based sensor measures heart rate, pulse oximetry

The heart rate and oxygen level monitoring is achieved through the transmission and detection of green and red light.

2016-09-26 - None

LiFi paves way for light-enabled internet

The LiFi solution by Lucibel enables the deployment of a complete wireless network through a bidirectional transmission of 42Mbps.

2016-09-23 - Julien Happich

Adaptive headlights could use automotive Ethernet’s help

Porsche is looking into optimising the car's headlights E/E architecture to ensure real-time beam adaptability.

2016-09-14 - Scott Deuty

LEDs coming to dominate automotive lighting

Along with the LEDs, there has been a large entrance into the LED driver market as well.