2020-06-02 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Synthesize your FIR filters using high-school algebra

This follow-up piece of "FIR Fundamentals" turns the process on its head and builds up complete FIR filters from small,…

2020-05-26 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Five things to know about prediction and negative-delay filters

How the heck can you build a filter that ‘predicts’ something? Well, it all depends on how high you set…

2020-05-12 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Analyze FIR filters using high-school algebra

This article looks at some fundamental facts about FIR filter responses, using some basic math you might even remember from…

2020-03-04 - Giovanni Di Maria

Measuring an Unknown Capacitance With the Integrated Circuit 40106

There are many methods for measuring an unknown capacity value of any degree of difficulty and precision. Let’s see how…

2019-06-24 - Vincenzo Santoro

Passive Matrix OLEDs: Fundamentals and Applications

Passive matrix OLEDs are high-contrast, thin, and energy-saving. Which advantages and disadvantages do they offer and when does a Design-In-Process…

2019-05-01 - Rudy Ramos

Film capacitors: Characteristics and uses in power applications

Learn about the different types of capacitors that might be considered for use in power electronics applications.

2019-04-30 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Passive Filter Design Made Easy

The required selectivity of a customer design implied four-pole filters with about 10% bandwidth (passband width about 10% of the…

2017-08-16 - Vishay

Vishay adds 16, 24-pin models to resistor network series

The thin film network additions offer tight ratio tolerances to ±0.025% and come in the 25mil pitch QSOP package.

2017-07-28 - Murata

Y1 class cap suits low-profile designs

Murata's ceramic surface mount type IEC 60384-14*1 Y1*2 class safety certified capacitor is targeted at applications where low profile is…

2017-07-18 - Murata

Crystal unit claims smallest footprint

The XRCTD37M400FXQ50R0 series is based on Murata's package technology and high grade quartz crystal elements that helps it achieve its…