2022-04-14 - Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Samsung Electro-Mechanics expands MLCC portfolio for automotive powertrains

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed 13 high-temperature MLCCs designed for automotive powertrains.

2022-02-17 - Smiths Interconnect

Surface-mount resistors with outrigger heat sink increase power handling capabilities

Smiths Interconnect has added the CXH Surface Mount Outrigger Resistors and Terminations to its lineup of SpaceNXT HC Series of…

2021-09-20 - Andrew Wilson

How to choose reliable capacitors for automotive applications

Automotive engineers can review characteristics of the four major capacitor dielectric types: tantalum, aluminum, poly-films, and ceramics.

2021-09-16 - Stephen Armstrong

Critical supply shortage for industrial, military applications leading to shifting demand for MLCCs

Industrial, medical, and military demand for high quality, high-voltage MLCCs has been hit hard by a shift in production by…

2021-09-01 - Larry Stabile

Relay clock employs hysteresis for state retention

Retro-engineering and Steampunk can sometimes venture into electrical design areas that may not have been trodden in the past.

2021-08-24 - Larry Stabile

Relay hysteresis provides toggle function

How the humble electromechanical relay can be used to implement a push-on/push-off function and a binary counter.

2021-06-02 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key announces distribution partnership with Mini-Circuits

Digi-Key Electronics has secured a global distribution partnership with Mini-Circuits.

2021-05-24 - Keesjan Engelen

5 proven strategies to reduce electronic component lead time

Here are five proven strategies to help you reduce your electronic component lead times.

2021-05-05 - Jorge Vacas

Electrolytic capacitors improve efficiency in EV designs

Hybrid aluminum polymer capacitors leverage ripple current to overcome temperature and vibration challenges in EV designs.

2021-04-02 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Resonant’s RF filters designed to improve 5G data rates, bandwidths

Resonant's new XBAR resonator technology has been optimized to improve 5G data rates and bandwidths.