2022-04-19 - Ken G

The history and evolution of PCB designs

The evolution of PCB from a simple radio circuit with copper layers to the multi-layer flexible boards marks a path…

2022-03-22 - Bill Schweber

End of the road for PC board design?

The multiple demands placed on PC board design will yield either a null set, or the need for severe compromise…

2022-01-05 - Suresh Patel, Mer-Mar Electronics

Optimizing PCBs for better IoT design: Manufacturer’s guide

With a growing demand to access new internet technologies, IoT applications are now influencing PCB design, fabrication, and assembly process…

2021-10-22 - Suresh Patel, Mer-Mar Electronics

Avoid these BIG 5 mistakes when you start your multilayer PCB fabrication process

Here are five common mistakes that are typically made during the PCB fabrication process and ways to avoid them.

2021-01-27 - Nitin Dahad

Raspberry Pi designs its own MCU with $4 Pico board

Raspberry Pi has designed its own MCU and launched a new $4 board based on the new MCU, the Raspberry…

2020-10-14 - Chang Fei Yee

Study of fiber weave effect on PCB with 3DEM modelling

This article studies the fiber weave effect on PCB in terms of mode conversion and differential insertion loss due to…

2020-09-04 - Kevin Meredith, Samtec, Inc.

Aligning multiple connector sets between PCBs

Miniaturization has made it more difficult to align multiple connectors, but design best practices can help ensure PCB design success.

2020-08-24 - Geoff Schulteis

Integrating chip antennas into a PCB: Understanding antenna matching

Antennas are not like other components. Their behaviour is more difficult to predict, because an antenna will perform a certain…

2020-07-20 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Affordable and high-quality security camera

This teardown aspires to find out how a security camera delivers so much for such a small price tag.

2020-05-27 - Hesam Moshiri

DIY hand sanitizer/alcohol dispenser, without an Arduino or MCU

In this article, we will build an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that uses IR sensors to detect the presence of…