2019-05-07 - Molex

Thermal Management for Tomorrow’s Mobility

The automotive industry is undergoing an exciting transformation in connectivity as the need for higher speed and for more compute…

2019-04-29 - Martin Rowe

3 Steps for Overcoming PCB EMI Issues

EMI consultant Kenneth Wyatt has written a three-part series for readers on how to design PCBs to minimize EMI. Follow…

2019-04-26 - Kenneth Wyatt

Design PCBs for EMI, part 3: Partitioning and routing

Partition PCBs into analog and digital sections, but don't run signals across those gaps.

2019-04-24 - Todd Westerhoff

Low-cost design: When best practice is too expensive

A signal integrity simulation and analysis reveals how the designers could violate common design rules to cut costs and still…

2019-04-18 - Timothy Hegarty

Reduce EMI and power loss in dual-battery automotive systems

This article highlights a power-stage layout for lower EMI in automotive DC/DC regulator circuits that use a controller with external…

2019-04-12 - Bill Schweber

Is Studying Classic Analog Filters Still Worth It?

Analog, discrete-element filters have served us well for over a hundred years, but maybe we now need to focus education…

2019-04-08 - Bill Schweber

Is hand-soldering still needed?

Let’s face it: most components are too small to solder and many ICs simply can’t be hand-soldered due to connection…

2019-04-02 - Kenneth Wyatt

Design PCBs for EMI, part 2: Basic stack-up

Learn how to stack-up a board's trace, power, and return layers to minimize interference.

2019-03-15 - Kenneth Wyatt

Design PCBs for EMI, part 1: How signals move

Part 1 of this two-part article explains the relationship between electrical signals and magnetic fields and how signals move through…

2019-02-08 - Kenneth Wyatt

Review: Tekbox TBCP1 RF current probe

The Tekbox TCBP1 has an attractive price, but has a mechanical limitation not found in more expensive probes.