2018-09-25 - David Richardson

Substituting solid tantalum and tantalum polymer capacitors for surface-mount MLCCs

Examining key performance characteristics will help streamline the evaluation process of alternative capacitor technologies for the replacement of multilayer ceramic…

2018-09-21 - Eric Braun , Chiahsin Chang , Jinghai Zhou & Huaifeng Wang

Analysis and simulation of PCB ACR losses for Vcore DrMOS optimization

PCB main-loop ripple current resistive losses are often neglected and overlooked as a switching power supply loss component.

2018-09-14 - Robin Bornoff

Improve accuracy of electrical system thermal simulation with full-circuit 3D modeling

Full-circuit electro-thermal simulation, using an IGBT power inverter as an example, accounts for power dissipation and temperature variations throughout the…

2018-08-21 - Mike McNatt

It’s a wire-wrapped board sabotage

An unexpected discovery leads one engineer to believe his project was sabotaged.

2018-05-21 - Istvan Novak

Solder-wick trick characterizes bypass caps

Verify capacitor performance with a simple “homemade” test fixture.

2018-02-12 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: Changing roles

Stay or go, finding the best avenue to project and company contributions involves tough choices.

2018-01-29 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: Improving autorouting & design software

These PCB CAD adventures feature punched-card autorouting and a widget ruler.

2018-01-17 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: Merging design and fabrication

Have you ever wanted to take a sharp (or blunt) object to your CAD system?

2018-01-02 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: From design to software

One foot in PCB design, the other in CAD software development. Something’s gotta give.

2017-12-21 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: Switching to eCAD

Early PCB CAD systems prove to be an uphill battle, but things eventually work out.