2020-10-28 - Bill Schweber

3D bus bars manage DC power rails on PCBs

Bus bars offer independent DC rail path as an easy add-on to the PCB to address voltage drop and low…

2020-10-13 - Nitin Dahad

New concepts in an IoT world: datafication and edge autonomy

Datafication and edge autonomy are going to become megatrends in the IoT-driven age of data.

2020-09-28 - Keith Felton

A new approach to IC packaging design

IC packaging needs a new approach for design and verification at all levels to enable designers to manage processes in…

2020-09-17 - David Dwelley

Reference designs minimize design risks

By providing a complete, pre-tested circuit, a reference design saves substantial time and effort and minimizes design risks.

2020-08-25 - Dylan Howes

Installing internal power supplies

When designing an internal power supply into a system, safety, thermal, and EMC implications of the installation must be considered

2020-08-05 - Kenneth Wyatt

Antenna testing kit to accelerate IoT designs

The IoTest Antenna Test Kit includes several test antennas that can be compared for impedance match and overall performance for…

2020-06-19 - Susan Nordyk

Amp demo board teams with audio-grade SMPS

GaN Systems offers an amplifier evaluation kit with a 400-W continuous-output SMPS that enables high-power Class D audio designs

2020-06-18 - Richard Quinnell

A lesson in power integrity

Self-destructing displays lead to a lesson learned: keep an eye on the supply, not just the signal.

2020-06-17 - Bill Schweber

Brute force beats the barrel power-connector barrier

This engineer modified a label maker PCB so he could connect any suitable power adapter.

2020-06-15 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: The router that took down my wireless network

When life gives you a failed router, take the opportunity to tear it apart.