2021-01-20 - Kishore Ramaiah

Simplify radar designs with antenna-on-package technology

Simplify radar designs with a highly-compact form factor that eliminates the need for expensive PCB substrate materials.

2021-01-07 - Jeff Hockert

Compute Express Link initiative addresses computing memory challenges

Compute Express Link allows developers to use persistent memory options by dialing in memory bandwidth ideal for their application.

2020-12-29 - Jeff Hockert

Maintain signal integrity and performance without expensive PCB materials

PCB manufacturing yields opportunities to maintain signal integrity and other performance characteristics without expensive materials.

2020-12-15 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Dead hardware provides opportunity for Surface RT

Dead hardware provides an opportunity to intimately examine a once-unique, now-trendsetting Arm-based PC: the Microsoft Surface RT.

2020-12-14 - Richard Quinnell

Association aims to elevate the role of PCB design

PCBs starting to get engineering treatment

2020-12-09 - Majeed Ahmad

Reference boards are turning into components

Reference designs facilitate knowledge in areas where engineers aren’t highly skilled, putting design implementation within their reach.

2020-12-01 - Ralf Ohmberger

How can DC switching power noise be eliminated?

Where does DC switching power audible noise come from, and how can it be reduced or eliminated?

2020-11-30 - Brian Dipert

Maker kits offer DIY artificial intelligence

With the DIY maker kits, Google claims you can “build intelligent systems that see, speak, and understand.”

2020-11-27 - Kenneth Wyatt

Using a real-time spectrum analyzer for EMI debug

The SSA3075X-R real-time spectrum analyzer is equipped with 40 MHz RT bandwidth and EMI options.

2020-11-26 - John Dunn

What could the worst case actually be?

Look at two extremes of the second derivative of the rail’s current pulse waveform and analyze the pulse effects using…