2022-10-25 - STMicroelectronics

Fast-starting load switch designed for safety systems

The IPS1025HF fast-starting high-side power switch is designed for use in safety systems that require minimal power-on delay time.

2022-10-19 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics PFC boost converters eliminate startup-circuit design challenges

STMicroelectronics' latest PFC boost converters simplify design and enhance flexibility by integrating 800V startup circuitry.

2022-10-17 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon flyback controller targets battery charging applications

Infineon has extended its offering of AC-DC controller ICs by introducing the ICC80QSG single-stage PWM controller for flyback topologies.

2022-09-15 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon integrated POL DC-DC regulators feature fast COT engine

Infineon has launched a new family of OptiMOS 5 IPOL buck regulators with VR14-compliant SVID standard and I²C/PMBus digital interfaces…

2022-08-29 - Saumitra Jagdale

Prospects and challenges of SiC in the energy market

High efficiency and chemically inert nature cemented value of Silicon Carbide in power electronics sphere, leading to boom in its…

2022-08-26 - Efficient Power Conversion

BRC Solar’s power optimizer uses EPC eGaN FETs

EPC GaN FETs' low power dissipation enabled a higher current density for BRC Solar's next-gen power optimizer.

2022-07-26 - Giovanni Di Maria

Understanding the critical role of the gate driver

A good power circuit is not only composed of static devices. There is also the gate driver, an independent element…

2022-07-06 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics’ new chip boosts energy efficiency in consumer electronics

STMicroelectronics' new chip, ST-ONE, is set to increase energy efficiency in a wide variety of AC/DC adapters.

2022-07-05 - P-DUKE Technology

Highly reliable medical DC/DC converters help to rescue lives

With MPU02 series, P-DUKE has extended its high-performance range of medical grade DC/DC converters from 1W to 60W.

2022-05-30 - Power Integrations

Power Integrations expands integrated switcher family portfolio

Power Integrations has expanded its InnoSwitch4-CZ family of high-frequency, zero-voltage switching flyback controller ICs.