2020-04-17 - John Dunn

Making measurements with your mind’s eye

There are always going to be situations where the only real measurement tool you have available is your own mind's…

2019-10-30 - Hesam Moshiri

Spotting Fake Batteries with Arduino

Nowadays fake Lithium and NiMH batteries are everywhere which don’t handle their advertised capacities. In this article, we will learn…

2019-06-28 - Kayla Matthews

Power Your EE Career with Power Electronics

While assessing growth in the power electronics industry, analysts project an approximate combined annual growth rate of 3% from 2017–2023.

2019-06-25 - Sam Bowman

Improving Energy Efficiency Through Smart Grid

The incorporation of green energy sources is one of the major benefits of switching to an updated grid system.

2019-06-17 - Gina Roos

Flexible Batteries for Powering Wearable Devices

PolyU’s Textile Lithium Battery demonstrates a high energy density of more than 450 Wh/L with a bending radius of less…

2019-06-05 - Peter Scully

8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Transformer

There are a number of questions to help you choose the right transformer for your industrial application.

2019-05-17 - Steve Wener

Passive thermal management optimizes Li-ion battery pack performance

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs power more portable electronic devices than any other type of battery. Passive thermal can help avoid…

2019-05-14 - Frederik Dostal

Flyback Converter Without Opto-Isolated Feedback

Do you know which side of the galvanic isolation to put the controller? Should you use optocouplers or some other…

2019-04-24 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Fundamentals of RF Energy Harvesting Circuit Design

A careful selection of integrated power management circuits and energy storage devices are fundamental in the design of any electronic…

2019-04-01 - Arrow

Provide Adequate Power Supply for IoT Smart Devices

This article will introduce you to two solutions that can provide adequate power for smart devices for the Internet of…