2020-11-23 - Frederik Dostal

When the flyback converter reaches its limits

Although flyback converters are very popular, this topology has practical limitations...

2020-10-13 - Victor Khasiev

Add an efficient positive rail to a unipolar negative supply

This article presents a complete solution for a very efficient and relatively simple design for adding a positive rail to…

2020-09-30 - Yajie Qiu and Peter Di Maso

Measure cross conduction in GaN-based power supplies

This easy and cost-effective method to measure cross conduction uses the unique characteristics of GaN transistors.

2020-08-27 - Bill Schweber

Benchtop AC/DC sources play a major role in product design

While embedded power subsystems get lots of attention, standalone sources still play a major role in product design, development, and…

2020-08-25 - Dylan Howes

Installing internal power supplies

When designing an internal power supply into a system, safety, thermal, and EMC implications of the installation must be considered

2020-08-12 - Robert Taylor

Celebrating 12 years of power tips

Let's take a look and highlight what have been some of the most useful power tips, relevant for power-supply design…

2020-07-22 - Mark Hagen and Oleg Volfson

Digital communication and control benefit power converter subsystems

Understand how a power subsystem’s digital interface can benefit a specific electronic application.

2020-07-09 - Bill Schweber

Why I was almost shocked by a small home AC appliance

A simple appliance repair dramatically reminded me of the meaning and importance of a genuine ground for the AC-line connection...

2020-07-09 - Majeed Ahmad

PMIC eases trade-off between power density and energy efficiency

New integrated voltage regulator enables DC/DC conversion without discrete components.

2020-07-08 - Robert Sheehan

How to meet transient response when using a second-stage output filter

Learn the typical design criteria required to meet a load transient specification using a second-stage output filter.