2021-04-07 - Susan Nordyk

Isolated gate driver board simplifies power system design

The Si823Hx isolated gate driver board from Silicon Labs simplifies the design of power systems that employ Wolfspeed SiC power…

2021-04-06 - EEWeb

Solid-state two-wire dimmer switch digitally controls current

A solid-state two-wire dimmer solution has been introduced by Amber Solutions and it works without the need for a neutral…

2021-03-30 - Giovanni Di Maria

Building a 7.5-A voltage regulator using LT1083

If you need more power for the power section of any board you are designing, you can find simple and…

2021-03-30 - Charles Hymowitz

Why engineers should not do their own worst-case analysis

The elements necessary to perform WCCA should be brought together along with the right software, people, test data, and experience.

2021-03-25 - Vishwanath Tigadi, Raghavendra Chavan, and Bhushan Waghmare

Power supply design using online tools

The online design automation tools allow engineers to develop and test power supply applications quickly.

2021-03-25 - Wang Zan

Switching circuits enable smaller USB PD power adapters

Power supply design advances like FFRZVS circuits enable smaller USB PD power adapters for portable devices.

2021-03-17 - Ron Stull

Key factors to consider when selecting a built-in power supply

A very common need is to select an internal AC-DC power supply for an end-product in the range of a…

2021-03-05 - Enrique Martinez

Use ASICs to implement functional safety in battery-powered appliances

Designers can consider ASICs for implementing functional safety to protect battery and motor control designs in home appliances.

2021-02-24 - Rajan Bedi

Selecting passives for space-grade switching regulators

Engineers are increasingly having to design-in switching regulators and choosing passives is very important as they determine the quality of…

2021-02-03 - Bill Schweber

What do absolute maximum ratings mean to you?

Absolute maximum ratings — AMR — brings significant issues, questions, and considerations especially for power devices...