2023-03-17 - Bill Schweber

Call on mechanical engineers to solve your tough thermal problems

Practical solutions to thermal-dissipation challenges require engineering creativity and expertise beyond models and simulations.

2022-11-28 - Raj Radjassamy

Class 4 power: Coming soon to tech near you

Class 4 power releases engineers from old power limitations, enabling new power architectures for data centers, mobile networks, and other…

2022-11-23 - Kyle Stone

Why current sensing is a must in collaborative, mobile robots

Current sensing plays an integral part in robotics systems for use cases such as motor-drive phase-current measurements, battery-management systems, and…

2022-11-04 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Wireless charger with a magnetic personality

Take a conventional Qi charger. Beef up its output (for compatible to-be-charged devices, at least). Add magnets. Now buy it…

2022-10-24 - Bill Schweber

The challenges in using sub-milliohm resistors

New op amps with close-to-ideal specifications enable use of sub-milliohm sense resistors for lower voltage drop and power loss, but…

2022-10-19 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics PFC boost converters eliminate startup-circuit design challenges

STMicroelectronics' latest PFC boost converters simplify design and enhance flexibility by integrating 800V startup circuitry.

2022-09-28 - Maicon Bruno Hofmann

Designing a power-saving solenoid driver

Using a current regulated driver to activate and deactivate the solenoid greatly reduces the power consumed in the internal solenoid…

2022-09-09 - Brent McDonald

How parasitics create an unexpected EMI filter resonance

The EMI filter resonance can affect conducted emissions, as shown in the design example of parasitics in an EV onboard…

2022-08-03 - Tomas Hudson and Miguel Angel Sanchez, Monolithic Power Systems

Designing a battery management system

BMS designers often think the only way to deliver a precise calculation for the battery pack’s SoC and SoH is…

2022-07-22 - Dib Nath

Power designers face challenges with the rise of 5G

Power is one of the key challenges for 5G.