2021-07-14 - Alex Q. Huang

GaN-based high-power EV inverters

The roadmap to increased power density starts with reducing the conduction dynamic losses.

2021-07-14 - Kirk Palmer

Design considerations for wirelessly charging EVs

Interoperability, EMC/EMF, and safety are major design considerations for wirelessly charging electric vehicles.

2021-07-13 - Chris Glaser

Should you operate your step-down converter in power-save or forced PWM mode?

Power supply designers should select optimum operating mode for each voltage rail based on how it affects system-level performance.

2021-07-09 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Powertrain technologies for EV – Panel

Three industry experts examined the powertrain challenges confronting EV manufacturers, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

2021-07-07 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Minimizing standby power in smart home devices

With IoT, connectivity becomes increasingly important as it allows mantaining proper communication and, as a result, standby consumption is turning…

2021-07-06 - Chroma ATE Inc.

Chroma power conversion systems for ESS testing

High-voltage conversion and high-power density trends are spurring the gradual increase in demand for bidirectional power supply test equipment.

2021-07-01 - Vaibhav Anand and Saurabh S. Khobe

Field-oriented control algorithm smoothens EV powertrain performance

Field-oriented control as a motor control scheme is indispensable for EV powertrains because of their noiseless and smooth motor operations.

2021-06-16 - Efficient Power Conversion Corp.

EPC expands eGaN FET product family with 80V and 200V models

These new generation eGaN FETs address the new needs of the e-mobility, delivery and logistics robot, and drone markets for…

2021-06-16 - Bill Schweber

A look at hybrid supercapacitors

The rechargeable battery and the supercapacitor each have relative pros and cons, but a hybrid design that merges both technologies…

2021-06-16 - Bill Schweber

The challenge of keeping solar panels free from dust

Keeping the surfaces of photovoltaic solar panels free of unavoidable dust is a multifaceted challenge with no simple solution.