2021-06-10 - Anthony T. Huynh

A compact, easy-to-use negative output DC-DC solution

A new breed of highly-integrated devices addresses the deficiency of external level shifter circuits to offer a negative output DC-DC…

2021-06-09 - Keith Szolusha and Brandon Nghe, Analog Devices Inc.

How to use LTspice to produce bode plots for LED drivers

Proper control loop phase and gain measurements should be made by factory experts possessing (expensive) equipment and commensurate experience. For…

2021-06-03 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics automotive TVS delivers protection for high-speed interfaces

STMicroelectronics' ESDCAN03-2BM3Y dual automotive-qualified low-capacitance TVS protects CAN and CAN-FD interfaces by delivering an all-round performance in a tiny package.

2021-05-28 - Pinkesh Sachdev

Adding threshold hysteresis for smooth UVLO/OVLO

Threshold hysteresis is needed to obtain a smooth and chatter-free lockout function even in the presence of supply noise or…

2021-05-26 - Efficient Power Conversion Corp.

EPC demo board boasts best-in-class power density in compact design

Featuring EPC's GaN FETs, the EPC9149 LLC converter operates as a DC transformer with a conversion ratio of 4:1 and…

2021-05-26 - Sarah Fields, COMSOL Inc.

Multiphysics simulation drives smart city technology

Reimagining the utilitarian power box into a modular, modern installment requires a complete design reinvention to balance the physical phenomena…

2021-05-24 - Keesjan Engelen

5 proven strategies to reduce electronic component lead time

Here are five proven strategies to help you reduce your electronic component lead times.

2021-05-19 - Chang Fei Yee

Essential considerations for effective power rail noise filtering with ferrite beads

This article highlights the essential considerations for effective power rail noise filtering on PCB assembly with ferrite beads.

2021-05-07 - Showa Denko

Showa Denko, Infineon Technologies Conclude SiC Material Supply Contract

Infineon Technologies has strengthened its supply security for SiC base material through a supply contract with Showa Denko.

2021-05-06 - Luca Martini

Rising demand for precision DC energy metering

Driven by the development of efficient and economic power conversion technology based on wide band gap semiconductors, many applications now…