2021-01-27 - Brent McDonald

Comparing CLLLC and DAB power stages for EV onboard chargers

Facilitating the interface between the power grid and the high-voltage battery inside an EV requires an isolated DC/DC power stage:…

2021-01-18 - Richard Quinnell

Module standard simplifies smart sensor design for the IIoT

A new standard defines a small form-factor, microcontroller-agnostic module that can simplify the creation of smart sensors for the IIoT.

2021-01-13 - Bill Schweber

There’s more to electric insulation than you might think

As with all simple-sounding materials and components, there’s much more to electrical insulation than just its most-obvious performance characteristics.

2021-01-08 - Frederik Dostal

A reliable power-up and power-down sequence

Reliable, monitored power-up and power-down are important in many modern systems and can be realized flexibly and with little development…

2021-01-07 - Konstantin Stefanov

Measure total load current with one op amp

Learn about a simple way to measure total load current using just one op amp.

2020-12-30 - Hank Cao

How to achieve fast charging with USB PD in portable devices

A reference design comprising charger and controller ICs helps create fast charging solution complying with the USB Type-C and PD...

2020-12-28 - Majeed Ahmad

GaN and SiC take design engineers into a new frequency spectrum

GaN semiconductors require more attention to disciplined power and thermal management skills.

2020-12-24 - Kenneth Wyatt

Tool evaluates EMI on power lines

EMI on power lines has become an issue, but this tool can be used with spectrum analyzers or oscilloscopes to…

2020-12-23 - Bill Schweber

Unique technique transfers power to medically-implanted device

Researchers have developed a technique to transfer power to a neural stimulator.

2020-12-17 - Zachary Imm

DC/DC converters: design with EMI in mind

DC/DC converters have considerably higher EMI than the LDO regulators, so it’s important to design with EMI in mind.