2018-10-04 - Steve Taranovich

APEC reaches out to the next generation of designers & engineers

One of the most important groups are students, most of whom can’t afford the costs of the trip and other…

2018-10-01 - Bill Schweber

The burned-out bulb mystery

Sometimes we have to just give up and walk away from diagnosing the actual source of a fault or failure,…

2018-09-28 - Seagan Yi-O'Kelly

Keeping an aging battery charged

An aging and seldom-used automotive battery that had to be kept charged, prompted this engineer to take a new look…

2018-09-21 - Eric Braun , Chiahsin Chang , Jinghai Zhou & Huaifeng Wang

Analysis and simulation of PCB ACR losses for Vcore DrMOS optimization

PCB main-loop ripple current resistive losses are often neglected and overlooked as a switching power supply loss component.

2018-08-31 - Bill Schweber

The self-powered current loop: Still a transducer-interface option

Although its capabilities are far less than those of many advanced transducer interconnections, the decades-old current loop may still be…

2018-08-28 - John Betten

Power Tips: Isolating a SEPIC

The SEPIC is a nonisolated topology. However, as with a flyback, you can easily add additional transformer windings to create…

2018-08-10 - Nathan Enger

Care and feeding of FPGA power supplies

This article will discuss constraining specifications for the Altera Arria 10 FPGA, and what they mean for a power supply…

2018-08-09 - Bill Schweber

Linear thinking about motors

Most engineers think of motors as rotating arrangements, but some designs need linear motion.

2018-07-24 - John Dunn

Cascaded fans for cooling semiconductor assemblies

Air cooling of semiconductor assemblies is often aided by the use of a fan, but can you get greater air…

2018-07-18 - Brian Dipert

Hybrids and EVs: More revolutionary than autonomy?

Continued battery technology improvements, evolutionary and revolutionary alike, will deliver benefits not only to vehicle developers but also much more…