2018-03-16 - Steve Martin

Reverse voltage protection for battery chargers

Develop a reverse voltage protection circuit for battery charger based applications.

2018-03-09 - Sameer Pendharkar

Finding the right power supply technology for your design

To make good development decisions, system designers must know the strengths and trade-offs of competing power technologies.

2018-02-28 - Michael Dunn

A better Chinese 12V adapter

I’ve investigated some execrable & dangerous adapters in the past. Is this one really any better?

2018-02-26 - Mohamed Ismail & Norberto Sanchez-Dichi

Design small, wearable, battery-powered IoT solutions

For a wearable device required to operate for an extended amount of time, it is imperative to design for efficient…

2018-02-15 - Michael Dunn

Help me build an electronic load & bench supply

I’m assembling a bench supply and could use some suggestions, especially for the electronic load portion and its UI, which…

2018-02-09 - Steve Taranovich

Coreless power design for high magnetic field environments

Until recently, power supplies designed into the MRI environment have had limited functionality depending upon how close they are placed…

2018-02-06 - Chang Fei Yee, Keysight

Impact of Loop Stability on Power Integrity

A look at the concept of power distribution networks

2018-01-23 - Ryan Manack

Reduce switch-node ringing though better decoupling

These techniques will lower the switch-node ringing without paying an efficiency penalty in synchronous buck converters.

2018-01-16 - Bill Schweber

Wearables benefit from flexible TEG materials

Energy harvesting via a TEG driven by body heat is a good idea, but practical issues are hindering its use.…

2018-01-04 - Steve Taranovich

Submerge your power supply, and other options

Advances in marine industry power supplies, immersion computing, and immersion cooling aim to make fully immersible power possible.