2018-06-07 - Bill Schweber

Don’t let ESR waste power and cook capacitors

Equivalent series resistance not only degrades RF performance, but it wastes power and can cause the capacitor to exceed its…

2018-05-31 - Ebby Darney Paulraj & Dora Arul Selvi B

Sensorless controlled inverter drive for BLDC motors

This article aims at contributing to the performance enhancement of brushless DC motor drive systems.

2018-05-25 - Bill Schweber

What is digital electricity?

Can a continuous series of high-energy pulses delivered over low-voltage wiring provide significant power to a load?

2018-05-18 - Suvankar Biswas , David Reusch & Michael de Rooij

Evaluation of measurement techniques for high speed GaN transistors

This article focuses on measurement techniques to accurately evaluate high performance GaN transistors and evaluates high bandwidth differential probes for…

2018-05-15 - Gheorghe Plasoianu

Switcher regulates HV in novel way

This Design Idea regulates high voltage without using high-voltage switching components.

2018-05-14 - Reno Rossetti , Pankaj Kashikar & Chintan Parikh

Improving automotive ECU design with a low-IQ buck converter

Review the challenges of designing an electronic control unit buck converter, from low quiescent current and low noise to high…

2018-05-04 - Michael Dunn

Classic HP 35 calculator comes back to life

Modernizing the power source in an HP 35 – the first scientific pocket calculator.

2018-05-01 - Michael Dunn

Thermal study exposes PSU improvements

See how a thermal camera helps evaluate updates to a cheap PSU’s componentry.

2018-04-24 - Michael Dunn

Ćuk’s resonant buck slashes magnetics

Dr. Slobodan Ćuk proposes an interesting hybrid charge pump/resonant buck that virtually eliminates the magnetics.

2018-04-18 - Haifeng Fan

Designing power architectures: Creative use of buck regulators

In this article, the buck regulator IC will be used to illustrate various application designs.