2018-01-16 - Bill Schweber

Wearables benefit from flexible TEG materials

Energy harvesting via a TEG driven by body heat is a good idea, but practical issues are hindering its use.…

2018-01-04 - Steve Taranovich

Submerge your power supply, and other options

Advances in marine industry power supplies, immersion computing, and immersion cooling aim to make fully immersible power possible.

2017-12-07 - Michele Lim, Intersil

How to reconfigure a buck converter for multiple outputs

This article will highlight various isolated/non-isolated DC/DC converter topologies and demonstrate how they can be implemented using a single synchronous…

2017-12-05 - Bill Schweber

Is Tesla’s battery-capacity deal the new standard?

“Pay for more power” may be a reasonable way to establish realized battery capacity, but it can also have some…

2017-12-01 - Ausias Garrigos & David Marroqui

Bang-bang photovoltaic regulator needs no magnetics

You don’t always need a sophisticated MPPT controller to extract and regulate photovoltaic power. This elegant little circuit may do…

2017-11-22 - Bonnie Baker

Find the right PMIC for your wearable systems

As smart watches become must-have devices, manufacturers are demanding smaller-size, lower-power circuitry with higher functionality.

2017-10-16 - R. Colin Johnson, EE Times

Helix Entry Outperforms ‘Zero Power’ Target in Standby

The 90 to 97 percent efficient Helix Semiconductors eMpower HS200 DC/DC converter steps down 48 V to extremely low voltages…

2017-09-08 - Paul Rako

How many MIT grads does it take to hook up a light bulb?

Engineers weigh in on the importance of teaching the principles of engineering as well as the practice.