2021-07-26 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Cadence Tensilica DSP supports floating point for optimum PPA

A look at the first DSP family from Cadence Tensilica designed specifically to support floating point arithmetic.

2021-04-08 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Will voice become default UI for most consumer electronics?

Voice control and voice interfaces have begun their inexorable infiltration of pretty much all consumer edge device categories.

2021-03-23 - Maikel Kokaly-Bannourah and Douglas Castro

Quad Cortex magic sound box powered by SHARC+ DSPs

State-of-the-art emulations of your favorite music gear with unprecedented accuracy and unbelievably natural dynamic response.

2020-05-07 - Krunal Maniar and Ryan Andrews

Mitigate clock intermodulation effects in characterization setups

Mitigate the effects of clock intermodulation and improve the reliability and measurement accuracy of mixed-signal systems.

2019-07-24 - Max Maxfield

Another Step Towards Voice-Control Proficiency

XMOS just introduced its XVF3510 next-generation voice processor, which can pluck an individual voice out of a crowded audio landscape…

2019-05-15 - Jeffrey VanWashenova

Improving Road Safety With Driver Monitoring Systems

The “Vision Zero” approach from the European Union (EU) includes the goal of bringing automotive fatalities and serious injuries down…

2019-05-06 - Jim Steele

Audio DSPs to Push AI to the Edge

Advanced processors specialized for both machine learning and audio processing enable real-time always-on edge inference at low-cost while simultaneously maintaining…