2021-05-14 - Imen Baili

eFPGA core for CPU ISA extension allows designers to respond to changes in the field

CPU extensibility using hardware modules like eFPGA core allows designers to quickly respond to changes in the field.

2021-05-04 - Imen Baili

Learn the basics of instruction set architecture

Instruction set architecture is the link between a computer's software and hardware.

2021-04-28 - Richard Quinnell

Processor architecture brings AI to IoT

Arm introduced a processor architecture that aims to meet the growing need for both enhanced security and AI functionality at…

2021-04-26 - Brian Dipert

Building a PC with spare parts

This engineer is putting his collection of spare parts to use building systems based on Intel and AMD CPUs.

2021-03-19 - Brian Dipert

How will Microsoft’s Arm-based projects compare to Apple’s?

A look at the Surface Pro X provides an opportunity to compare Apple and Microsoft's Windows Arm-based projects.

2021-03-02 - Brian Dipert

Upgrading a CPU for a ground-up PC assembly

This engineer has decided to return to the world of ground-up PC assembly, starting with a CPU upgrade experiment.

2021-02-18 - In-Chul Jeong

How do CMOS image sensors work?

How do CMOS image sensors work and which process techniques matter in their development?

2021-02-05 - Majeed Ahmad

Chip designer Jim Keller’s journey spans 4 semiconductor architectures

Here is a chronicle of chip designer Jim Keller’s journey, which spans four semiconductor architectures: x86, PowerPC, MIPS, and Arm.

2021-02-01 - Majeed Ahmad

CES panel tracks RISC-V’s journey to commercial processors

A panel discussion took a closer look at the RISC-V and processor design areas and how it’s creating a healthy…

2021-01-15 - Nitin Dahad

CES 2021: 5nm AI chip enables 8K video processing in just 2W

Using CES 2021 as the launch platform, Ambarella has announced its 5th generation AI vision processor SoC...