2021-01-26 - Majeed Ahmad

Audio front-end and wake-word detection: Key considerations in reference designs for Alexa

Here is what developers need to vet while selecting hardware and software development kits for designs built around Alexa Voice…

2020-12-09 - Majeed Ahmad

Reference boards are turning into components

Reference designs facilitate knowledge in areas where engineers aren’t highly skilled, putting design implementation within their reach.

2020-11-02 - Maxim Integrated

Health sensor platform 3.0 reduces development time by at least 6 months

MAXREFDES104# is a wrist form factor reference design ready to collect blood oxygen, ECG, heart rate, body temperature and activity…

2020-09-17 - David Dwelley

Reference designs minimize design risks

By providing a complete, pre-tested circuit, a reference design saves substantial time and effort and minimizes design risks.

2020-06-08 - STMicroelectronics

Reference design enables compact wearables with social-distancing

ST announces a compact and cost-effective reference design suited for monitoring social distancing, assuring remote operation, provisioning, and providing contact…