2017-06-20 - Martin Rowe

Phased-array antennas find new use in wireless

Small-scale demonstrations show how beamforming using phased-array antennas can direct signal power to a receiver.

2017-06-19 - Dorine Gurney

Why most IoT devices fail initial EMI testing

Most IoT products involve some sort of wireless, and for many designers, the RF component can be a stumbling block,…

2017-05-16 - Susan Nordyk

RFID tags integrate multiple sensors

The PCT100 and PCT200 not only integrate multiple sensors in a single tag but offer more than 10 times the…

2017-02-24 - Rohde & Schwarz

Radio comms tester adds IEEE 802.11ac signalling

The R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester can be used to measure LTE-WLAN traffic offloading or analyse coexistence interference in…

2017-02-21 - EDN Asia

R&S demos suite for 5G field test at 28GHz

Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S TSME and R&S ROMES enable over-the-air characterisation of 5G network analysis and optimisation within 28GHz.

2017-02-15 - Vishay Intertechnology

Side-view metal holder adopts pin-in-paste soldering

Vishay Semiconductors’ P1xP holder enables pin-in-paste soldering to eliminate the wave-soldering step for through-hole devices.

2017-02-06 - National Instruments

AWR tool eases RFIC design

NI AWR Design Environment ver.13 introduces innovations in design flow management and simulation for MMIC, RFIC, multi-chip module and PCB.

2017-01-13 - Chandran Nair

5G will spur IoT deployment

Smartphones will soon not be the only devices that require a data connection. The availability of 5G will burgeon a…

2017-01-13 - Chandran Nair

5G calls for reliable infrastructure

Developments in multi-antenna systems, chipset design and larger spectrum utilisation will help further the advancement 5G capabilities.

2017-01-11 - Pasternack

USB-controlled PLL synthesisers cover up to 27GHz

The compact SMA-connectorised designs of Pasternack’s PLL frequency synthesisers support USB 2.0 that supplies DC power and GUI command.