2022-11-29 - Jean-Jaques (JJ) DeLisle

The next radio design frontiers

RF SiPs and heterogeneous integrated circuits (HICs) are emerging as venues for creating highly compact assemblies for wireless applications.

2022-10-31 - Carolyn Mathas

Phased array antennas: From military to 5G

Phased-array antennas are gaining traction in 5G systems, promising improved signal strength, gain, directivity and bandwidth performance.

2022-10-24 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon paving the way for smart locks

Infineon is launching a solution that can be used to open and close locks via the mobile phone—without any batteries…

2022-10-10 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas partners with Jariet to strengthen wireless transceiver solutions portfolio

Renesas' investment in Jariet will help accelerate its development of RF transceiver solutions.

2022-09-01 - John Dunn

A new EMI threat?

Have we got a new EMI issue and threat on our hands?

2022-08-18 - Jessy Cavazos, Keysight Technologies

Top five questions about 6G technology

This article answers some of the most common questions surrounding 6G and provides more insight into the vision for 6G.

2022-07-15 - Bill Schweber

A short primer on RF-over-fiber designs and applications

What is RFoF? How does it differ from RF over coax or RFoC? How does it actually work? Find out…

2022-07-14 - Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys RF design solutions enhance productivity, speed design closure on Samsung Foundry’s low-power process

The 8nm RF design reference flow enhances time-to-results, quality-of-results and cost-of-results for next-generation RF design.

2022-05-16 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics, MACOM unveil RF GaN-on-Si prototypes

ST and MACOM have successfully developed radio-frequency gallium-nitride-on silicon (RF GaN-on-Si) prototypes. 

2022-04-29 - Tairan Sun, Bill Wang, Shawn Liu, and Aaron He, Analog Devices Inc.

Developing an electronic toll collection roadside unit module with an RF transceiver

This article describes an electronic toll collection (ETC) roadside unit (RSU) module implementation using the AD9361 RF transceiver.