2022-04-29 - Tairan Sun, Bill Wang, Shawn Liu, and Aaron He, Analog Devices Inc.

Developing an electronic toll collection roadside unit module with an RF transceiver

This article describes an electronic toll collection (ETC) roadside unit (RSU) module implementation using the AD9361 RF transceiver.

2022-04-08 - Rob Reeder

Evaluating high-speed RF converter front-end architectures

Here is a quick-start guide to the pitfalls of ADC front-end interface design along with some useful and familiar design…

2022-04-07 - Bill Schweber

Thinking “inside the box” for a transmission-line alternative

A reflective-mirror between antenna feed and RF front-end can pack electronics of a large dish antenna into a sheltered room…

2022-03-02 - Brian Dipert

Location-tracking services: Hits to accompany the misses

GPS in combination with wireless connectivity create capabilities that, although often maligned nowadays, can also deliver compelling benefits.

2022-01-28 - Masakazu Urade

RF CMOS SoCs welcome Wi-Fi sensing standard 802.11bf

IEEE's manifestation of Wi-Fi sensing technology mandates RF CMOS circuitry and higher levels of SoC integration for various applications.

2022-01-25 - Rob Reeder

A close look at active vs. passive RF converter front-ends

Here is a detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of amplifier-based active and balun-based passive designs for RF front…

2022-01-25 - John Dunn

Hexagonally sectioned EMI shield

A hexagonally sectioned EMI shield structure can facilitate air flow as part of thermal management and even admit light under…

2022-01-24 - Infineon Technologies AG

Low-power Wi-Fi chipset enables precise tracking solution

Infineon and Deeyook are collaborating on ultra-precise location solution.

2022-01-21 - Bill Schweber

G-band MMIC devices and beyond

The push for higher-frequency ICs is reaching toward the terahertz border.

2022-01-20 - NXP Semiconductors

NXP boosts production of flagship 4D imaging radar chip

NXP Semiconductors has announced two updates to its automotive radar portfolio, now designed-in at 20 top global OEMs.