2021-05-27 - Mouser Electronics Inc.

Mouser Now Stocking Qorvo DWM3000 RF Module

The Qorvo DWM3000 RF module, now available at Mouser, is IEEE 802.15.4a and IEEE 802.15.4z BPRF mode compliant and allows…

2020-06-01 - Liam Keese

Why component integration matters for space-based PLL synthesizers

By integrating RF and synthesizer components into a monolithic RF IC, engineers can solve size and complexity design challenges in…

2020-06-01 - STMicroelectronics

Next-Gen NFC Reader IC for Digital Car Keys

Delivers rapid car-key response and reliable connections over extended distances...

2020-03-17 - Bill Schweber

Diapers with RFID: Widely Useful or Trivial Pursuit?

A recent project from MIT – yes, MIT – developed a low-cost, easy-to-use system to signal a caregiver via smartphone…

2017-07-05 - Brian Dipert

RF interference: LG display vs router

As various electronic devices infiltrate our homes, we may hear more reports of these devices malfunctioning because of destructive RF…

2017-06-20 - Martin Rowe

Phased-array antennas find new use in wireless

Small-scale demonstrations show how beamforming using phased-array antennas can direct signal power to a receiver.

2017-06-19 - Dorine Gurney

Why most IoT devices fail initial EMI testing

Most IoT products involve some sort of wireless, and for many designers, the RF component can be a stumbling block,…

2017-06-15 - Analog Devices

Design ecosystem simplifies 5G migration

The RadioVerse ecosystem includes the AD9375 RF transceiver with on-chip digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithm to reduce DPD power consumption by…

2017-06-15 - Martin Rowe

Scopes enable flexible input configuration

Tektronix's MSO5 series allows users to select any input as analog or logic channels, enabling them to mix and match…

2017-06-08 - Analog Devices

GaN amplifier offers pulse, CW support

Analog Devices claims that unlike comparative designs, its HMC8205 operates both continuous wave and pulse operations.