2020-11-13 - Wei Wang, Cihan Asci, & Sameer Sonkusale

RFID tag technology simplifies security monitoring systems

This design uses RFID tag technology to enable low-cost, battery-free, and easy-to-install home security systems.

2020-11-10 - Nitin Dahad

Lenovo adds UWB sensor for human presence detection in ThinkPad

Norway-based sensor company Novelda has announced that its UWB sensor will be integrated into PC manufacturer Lenovo’s flagship laptop...

2020-10-29 - Richard Quinnell

Emerging standard defines IoT security requirements

An emerging standard from the ETSI is defining a baseline security requirement for consumer IoT designs.

2020-10-20 - Mark Richardson and Andrew Banks

Development practices and tools can prevent coding errors

Software complexity in embedded designs is driving the need for better development practices and tools to avoid coding errors

2020-10-12 - STMicroelectronics

Bluetooth 5.2-certified SoC extending range and security

ST has revealed its latest BlueNRG-LP Bluetooth LE SoCs, which leverages the latest Bluetooth features to increase communication range, raise…

2020-10-06 - STMicroelectronics

Embedded-Flash MCUs Bring High-Performance Features

STMicroelectronics has revealed STM32 MCUs with embedded Flash that bring high-end features such as rich graphics, AI, and cyber-protection to…

2020-10-05 - Richard Quinnell

Device monitoring can help IoT systems maintain security

Use of device monitoring can help IoT systems to maintain their security throughout their installed life, even as threats continue…

2020-09-23 - Richard Quinnell

End-to-end security remains a challenge in IoT development

Ensuring end-to-end security of data flow in the IoT remains an essential, and still unsolved, challenge that is hindering development.

2020-08-27 - Bernard Brode

COVID-19 highlights poor security in medical IoT devices

While advances in medical devices may help doctors to treat patients infected with COVID-19, at the moment this increased efficacy…

2020-08-26 - Rob Wood

A little early effort in security can return a huge payoff

There’s no shortage of companies that need help configuring devices securely, or vendors seeking to remediate vulnerabilities. But from our…