2021-10-06 - Jorge Myszne

Addressing the growing threat of firmware attacks on enterprise edge computing platforms

The threat landscape facing edge-computing systems in enterprise-level applications is dire. As this threat environment evolves, defending against these intrusions…

2021-09-15 - Majeen Ahmad

The analog side of the embedded security in SoC designs

Analog monitors such clocks and voltage sensors can oversee the underlying analog behavior of an SoC for potential signs of…

2021-09-03 - Nitin Dahad

Growing use of encryption poses network security risk

Pervasive encryption may enhance network traffic security, but the use of encryption also exposes users to threats from malicious traffic.

2021-08-27 - Simon Jakob

Which achieves better security: Ad hoc testing or certification?

While ad-hoc testing is good for getting a quick assessment of the obvious potential for attack, certification pursues a long-term,…

2021-08-23 - Nitin Dahad

VE-VIDES explores trustworthy design and verification flow for IoT security

VE-VIDES will look at identifying a novel IP design and verification flow that will ensure trustworthiness, especially in security-critical electronic…

2021-08-17 - Ludovic Rembert

IoT compounds 5G backbone security concerns

With 13.8 billion active IoT device connections this year and exponentially more expected in the near future, IoT network security…

2021-08-03 - Majeed Ahmad

FDO standard scores early design win

The FDO standard automates onboarding process for IoT devices while leveraging the public and private key encryption technologies.

2021-07-23 - Gopi Sirineni

Manage control plane security in real-time using network AI

The implementation of AI techniques by the trusted control/compute unit (TCU) can greatly reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.

2021-07-08 - Paul Miller and Hsiao-Ying Lin

Identifying AI security threats

Two group reports have recently been released regarding analyzing the problem of securing AI and the corresponding mitigations.

2021-06-08 - Richard Quinnell

Guidelines provide a template for IoT cybersecurity

These guidelines form a pretty good template for improving cybersecurity in any IoT design.