2016-10-19 - Larry Desjardin

Cracking iPhone 5c using pluggable flash memory

Armed with only a 1GHz mixed-signal oscilloscope and an 500MHz logic analyser, the researcher manages to decipher the protocols.

2016-10-19 - Julien Happich

0.3mm flexible fingerprint sensor achieves 500dpi

The sensor can capture veins, providing a second level of security since each user’s finger vein pattern is unique.

2016-10-10 - Wilfred Nilsen

IoT security: Why X.509 is not always the best choice

X.509 certificates make a solution more secure, but using it greatly complicates a design if client-side certificates are required.

2016-10-10 - Wilfred Nilsen

Extracting X.509 certificates from devices

X.509 certificates provide strong authentication, but in a practical set-up, other mechanisms such as username/password can be just as secure.