2018-04-02 - Bonnie Baker

Trust and then verify your IoT security

It is critical to make sure that your embedded devices only run authorized firmware with authorized configuration code or data.

2018-03-14 - Bonnie Baker

PUF up your IoT security

The physically unclonable function is a decisive technology that protects security chips against invasive attacks.

2018-02-01 - Bonnie Baker

IoT security: hardware vs software

Total connectivity opens the opportunity for unintentional or malicious data corruption and contamination to occur.

2017-11-07 - Steve Evanczuk, Embedded.com

IoT Security: Putting trust in the edge

There's no silver bullet for IoT security, but ARM is offering developers plenty of ammunition for building more secure IoT…

2017-11-07 - Apurva Peri, EDN.com

IoT & Cloud Security Overview

An overview of WiFi, Bluetooth, and cloud security.

2017-08-16 - Shoei Printing

Digital security turns to Yoctrace to fight fakes

Fuji Xerox's Yoctrace is an object recognition technology that recognises inherent random patterns inadvertently generated on the surface of objects,…

2017-07-27 - Lars Lydersen

Tackling the challenge of securing wireless links

Bad press and major security and privacy issues slow down the adoption of IoT. And given the highly publicised hacks…

2017-07-27 - Lars Lydersen

Commissioning schemes in IoT protocols

The crux of securing a wireless link is to distribute the link key. This typically happens during the commissioning step,…

2017-07-03 - Rick Merritt

Neural nets hold real promise, but with real limits

While it’s too early to say how far neural networks will take us, the technology will see broad use in…

2017-06-09 - Jonas N. Olsen

LPWA nets address fishing security concerns

Low-power, wide-area networks are a reliable and affordable option of providing connectivity and security to fishing zones in developing countries.