2017-04-27 - Julien Happich

Camera system allows real-time face recognition

Vision-In-Package packs a camera system with an ARM Cortex M4/M7 with 8MB RAM, a dynamic range imager, optics and a…

2017-04-26 - Vivek Nanda

IR LED wavelength enhances image contrast

Osram's IR LEDs increase contrast of camera images for license plate recognition at automatic barriers controlling traffic flow.

2017-04-07 - EDN Asia

Embedded virtualisation tech targets connected cars

The new software packages integrate multiple automotive systems in a single R-Car platform, according to Renesas.

2017-04-06 - EDN Asia

Fujitsu, VMware expand partnership for automotive IoT

The partnership will see Fujitsu's over-the-air reprogramming product combined with VMware's IoT solutions.

2017-03-28 - Alexandra Rehak, Gavin Whitechurch

IoT trends you should care about in 2017

The analysts draw up list of 5 key trends that will affect the success of the next IoT product you…

2017-02-16 - University of California Irvine

mmWave generator could power Star Trek-like tricorder

Known as a “radiator,” the tiny gadget emits millimetre-wave signals in the G band (110 to 300GHz).

2017-01-27 - Imec

Multispectral image sensor combines RGB, NIR imaging

Imec integrates RGB colour filters, NIR-cut filter, NIR narrow band-pass filters and on-chip microlenses technology, down to small pixels as…

2016-11-25 - STMicroelectronics

Modules add support for hardware-based online security

The latest TPM 2.0 specification adds extra features such as cryptographic algorithms and support for user hierarchies.

2016-11-07 - Junko Yoshida

Why Comma.ai’s fiasco may upset future of automated cars

Comma.ai’s run-in with the U.S. traffic safety body has revealed weaknesses and unpreparedness of all parties involved in the still-embryonic…

2016-10-19 - Larry Desjardin

Beyond good guessing: Researcher cracks iPhone 5c

The A6 processor has fused a different 256-bit code into each device, which, when convoluted with the passcode, creates the…