2022-06-28 - Majeed Ahmad

The 3-nm fab race: Samsung reportedly nears the finish line

Samsung has been reported to start chip manufacturing at 3nm process node while TSMC is planning 3nm chip manufacturing by…

2022-06-01 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas launches I3C intelligent switch family

Renesas has unveiled the industry’s first I3C intelligent switch devices targeting next generation server motherboards and other infrastructure equipment.

2022-05-30 - Nitin Dahad

Why Broadcom is acquiring VMware

Is Broadcom acquiring a cash cow or building a vertical stack of components from processor to application? The latter could…

2022-05-25 - Majeed Ahmad

Broadcom to strengthen cloud software capabilities in bid for VMware

At the outset, it seems another attempt to align chipmaker Broadcom to the software side of the rapidly growing data…

2022-05-19 - Majeed Ahmad

TSMC targets conversion to 1.4-nm process node in June

TSMC plans to convert its 3-nm process R&D into a 1.4-nm process in June and thus reclaim sub-2-nm leadership from…

2022-05-17 - SIMMTECH

SIMMTECH opens first advanced manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia

SUSTIO's factory in Penang will increase SIMMTECH's total capacity for semiconductor packaging substrate and PCB by 20 percent.

2022-05-12 - Majeed Ahmad

Chip fab industry makeover

There will be an 8.7% jump in IC industry capacity forecast this year, and it comes primarily from the addition…

2022-04-29 - Majeed Ahmad

A look at the impact of Intel’s foundry foray on EDA, IP industries

Like IC design, the EDA and IP industries are an intrinsic part of the IC manufacturing ecosystem spearheaded by semiconductor…

2022-04-29 - Robert Day, Arm

The software-defined vehicle needs hardware that goes the distance

How do we deliver a hardware platform that has the compute capability, flexibility and capacity to handle complex use cases…

2022-04-22 - Majeed Ahmad

Disrupt or be disrupted: Intel and the great semiconductor fab game

Find out where Intel stands in its bid to compete with fab business behemoths TSMC and Samsung.