2021-03-09 - Stephen Woodward

Circuit powers off optical reflex sight automatically

This Design Idea presents an improved version of the automatic brightness adjustment circuit used in optical reflex sights.

2021-02-23 - Majeed Ahmad

Securely connect IoT devices to cloud services

Developers can securely connect IoT devices to cloud services like AWS and Azure without being a security expert.

2021-02-11 - Bob Witte

Be careful when using op amps as a comparator

There are many articles about non-linear op amps being used as a comparator, but IC vendors caution against this design…

2021-02-04 - Bill Schweber

They still don’t get older fab process, analog versus digital difference

There’s a risk-and-benefit tradeoff in choosing new parts versus older ones, and this is especially the case in the world…

2021-01-15 - EDN Staff

Generating track masks for SAMP processes

Learn the decomposition requirements for generating track masks for SAMP processes while complying with all relevant DRC.

2020-12-18 - Gordon Lee

Temperature compensation is crucial in real-time clocks

Temperature fluctuation is a significant cause of frequency drift of crystal, and that makes temperature compensation crucial in RTCs.

2020-11-09 - Majeed Ahmad

A brief history of Intel’s memory business

Intel’s departure from the NAND flash business is somewhat reminiscent of its exit from the DRAM market in the 1980s.

2020-10-15 - Keysight Technologies

Still Looking for the Best Approach to Improve Power Efficiency?

Webinar: Advanced Wide-bandgap High-Power Semiconductor Measurement Techniques

2020-10-12 - Richard Quinnell

Advanced packaging could help solve chip I/O limitations

Advanced techniques such as FOWLP allow increased component density as well as boost performance and help solve chip I/O limitations.

2020-09-28 - Keith Felton

A new approach to IC packaging design

IC packaging needs a new approach for design and verification at all levels to enable designers to manage processes in…