2023-05-24 - Rob Alexander

Connecting existing smart home devices to Matter

The IoT solution providers are enabling simple bridging to Matter with Thread and other non-Matter devices.

2023-02-17 - Rob Alexander

How device makers can streamline Matter certification

Here is how to navigate the Matter certification process while taking advantage of consulting with chip industry experts.

2022-05-26 - Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs MCUs bring ultra-low power and high performance to embedded IoT applications

Silicon Labs is extending its FG23 and ZG23 families of wireless SoCs with the release of the PG23 32-bit MCU.

2021-10-04 - Majeed Ahmad

MCU’s machine learning quest at the edge aided by third parties

Renesas teaming up with MicroAI to train AI models directly on the MCU is an acknowledgement of the role of…