2021-06-07 - Douglas Brooks & Johannes Adam

Vias are really cool

The temperature of a via is not determined by the current flowing through it, but by the temperature of the…

2021-05-03 - Douglas Brooks and Johannes Adam

Determine PCB trace temperature using computer simulation models

When determining temperature of a PCB trace, there is more to consider than just current and power dissipation of the…

2021-04-26 - Xavier Ribas and Tomás Hudson

NTC-based circuit extends automotive LED life expectancy

A simple, low-cost NTC-based circuit with linear dimming can drive current according to the temperature for automotive LED lights.

2021-04-21 - John Dunn

Transfer function analysis pitfalls

Transfer function analysis isn't necessarily difficult, but there is a trigonometric booby trap to look out for, and correct for…