2023-05-09 - John Dunn

The device model matches the published data—that ain’t necessarily so

Sometimes the simulation tool's device model will not correspond to the published data of each and every component.

2021-06-07 - Douglas Brooks & Johannes Adam

Vias are really cool

The temperature of a via is not determined by the current flowing through it, but by the temperature of the…

2021-05-03 - Douglas Brooks and Johannes Adam

Determine PCB trace temperature using computer simulation models

When determining temperature of a PCB trace, there is more to consider than just current and power dissipation of the…

2021-04-26 - Xavier Ribas and Tomás Hudson

NTC-based circuit extends automotive LED life expectancy

A simple, low-cost NTC-based circuit with linear dimming can drive current according to the temperature for automotive LED lights.

2021-04-21 - John Dunn

Transfer function analysis pitfalls

Transfer function analysis isn't necessarily difficult, but there is a trigonometric booby trap to look out for, and correct for…