2017-01-02 - R. Cittadini, F. Poulin

Microphone amplifier for your PDAs

TS97x family is available in thin and compact packages for use in PDA or cellular phones as well as in…

2016-12-27 - Gartner

Why VPA is the future of user-smartphone interaction

In the near future, many mobile apps will fade and become subservants of VPAs.

2016-12-26 - None

TDK to buy iPhone supplier InvenSense for $1.3B

TDK plans to combine InvenSense's suit of sensors and software with its own portfolio of magnetic, pressure, temperature and microphone…

2016-12-16 - Kyocera

Optical sensor measures blood flow in your ears

Kyocera has shrunk an optical blood-flow sensor to fit wearables and mobile devices.

2016-12-05 - Graham Prophet

Development kit speeds wearable projects

The platform comes with a programmable NCP6915 power management IC, which provides five LDOs and one DC-DC to support power…

2016-11-22 - None

SIMO converter targets IoT with wide load range

Toshiba claims its SIMO DC-DC converter, which has a load range of 1μW to 50mW, is efficient enough to extend…

2016-11-21 - Graham Prophet

Bluetooth 4.2-supported SoC powers dev kit for iOS 10

The DA14681 balances power efficiency and performance, with an ARM Cortex M0 processor, expandable flash memory and a PMU for…

2016-11-16 - Ams AG

Evaluation kit features humidity, temperature sensor

The CCS811-LG_EK_ST kit combines two environmental sensors from Ams: the CCS811 and the ENS210.

2016-11-15 - Steve Taranovich

AT&T rolls out LTE-M network to support IoT connectivity

LTE-M is essentially a low-power, wide-area technology that can support the IoT with such technology that will foster lower device…

2016-11-09 - ams AG

Sensor IC provides up to 70°C temperature output

The ENS210 draws just 40nA in stand-by mode and 7.1µA in active measurement mode (sampling at 1Hz).