2022-11-22 - Julian Durand

Securing smart home energy management systems

Data governance, privacy protection and security principles must be integrated into the fabric of how smart devices communicate to create…

2021-12-17 - Majeed Ahmad

Wireless chips available in time for Matter standards launch in 2022

The Matter smart home standard is expected to be released in the first half of 2022.

2020-11-12 - Richard Quinnell

Connected Home over IP standard aims to overcome device incompatibility

The CHIP project promises to unify home automation IoT operation.

2020-11-10 - Brian Dipert

Breaking down the Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub contains a heat-sink-adorned primary PCB, plus a secondary PCB containing an ambient light sensor and two…

2020-10-07 - Andrea Berry

Intelligent presence detection for commercial building automation

Selecting the right sensors, along with the processors, memory, and timing devices, is key to advancing the capabilities of automated…

2020-07-27 - Brian Dipert

Will Google stick with online gaming?

This engineer took Google's Stadia gaming service for a test run and it worked remarkably well. Will Google keep it…

2020-07-10 - Charles Pao

How motion tracking enables user convenience

As consumers, homeowners, employees and just regular people, there are so many devices and technologies we use throughout our day.…

2020-05-26 - STMicroelectronics

Low-Power IoT Modules for Smart Applications

Low-power wireless multi-sensor edge-intelligence modules address smart factory, smart home and smart life solutions...

2019-06-19 - Youval Nachum

Privacy Concerns with Voice Assistants

Voice interfaces are only going to get more common, and there is a great market opportunity for those vendors that…

2019-06-12 - Jane Sandwood

IoT Goes to the Pets

We should all buckle up for the slew of interesting IoT pet products that will be launching in the near…