2021-03-19 - Majeed Ahmad

Qt 6.0 provides one-stop-shop for software design and development

It’s all about productivity tools, user experience, and scalability in the Qt 6.0 version update for cross-platform applications.

2021-02-23 - Majeed Ahmad

Securely connect IoT devices to cloud services

Developers can securely connect IoT devices to cloud services like AWS and Azure without being a security expert.

2021-01-15 - EDN Staff

Generating track masks for SAMP processes

Learn the decomposition requirements for generating track masks for SAMP processes while complying with all relevant DRC.

2021-01-14 - Colin Walls

Surprises in C code

The C language is quite flexible and expressive; these are some of the reasons why it has been successful and…

2021-01-04 - Majeed Ahmad

Develop AI applications without signal-processing expertise

Here is a walkthrough of the AI-driven system design workflow that enables engineers to develop AI applications without signal-processing expertise.

2020-12-30 - Mark Pitchford

Software testing matters in embedded systems

High-level requirements like state-machine functionality and complying with standards for cybersecurity and functional safety are crucial.

2020-12-15 - Majeed Ahmad

Implementing algorithms in embedded processors

Cloud platforms like AWS and Azure offer efficient implementation of algorithms in embedded processors.

2020-12-03 - Nitin Dahad

Xilinx Acquires Falcon Computing Solutions for Adaptive Computing

Xilinx’ acquisition of Falcon Computing Solutions announced this week will bring software programmability and adaptive computing to more software...

2020-11-24 - Craig Shultz

Make touchscreen interfaces easier to use with surface haptics technology

Software-defined surface haptics technology makes display devices with touch interfaces easier to use and more intuitive.

2020-11-03 - Johan Kraft

Software tracing in field-deployed devices

To fully embrace a DevOps-style workflow requires capability for OTA updates and a responsive development organization that understands the limitations…