2020-06-03 - Mathias Fritzson

Software-defined automobiles: An efficient platform for essential parallelization

Are we at a critical juncture in how the industry moves forward with software-defined automobiles? As automotive functionality increases and…

2020-05-04 - Jacob Beningo

3 reasons to transition from C to C++

For decades there has been a debate among embedded software engineers as to whether they should be using C or…

2019-12-23 - STMicroelectronics

Partnership Accelerates Development of Central Control Units

Tieto and STMicroelectronics Accelerate Development of Automotive Central Control Units for Safer and More Secure Vehicles.

2019-10-23 - Bill Schweber

Analog Design Deficiencies Hidden Behind Software

It’s risky to use software to try to fix large-scale hardware-design errors, as the catastrophe of the Boeing 737 MAX…

2019-04-26 - Anastasia Stefanuk

Software Developer: A Promising Job for the Future?

Things are looking good for software developers. Projected growth is largely driven by the increasing demand for mobile, health care,…