2021-12-07 - Vijay Deshpande

Mains powered backup lights for solar day lamps

Mains powered backup light is a cost effective and elegant solution for solar day lamps. User gets constant light under…

2021-11-12 - Bill Schweber

Are solar-powered cars the ultimate electric vehicles?

Cars powered entirely by solar cells sound like a dream come true, but physics and power numbers may indicate a…

2021-06-16 - Bill Schweber

The challenge of keeping solar panels free from dust

Keeping the surfaces of photovoltaic solar panels free of unavoidable dust is a multifaceted challenge with no simple solution.

2021-05-12 - Vijay Deshpande

Build a low-cost solar day lamp

This Design Idea presents inexpensive design features that expand the solar day lamp's usefulness for several applications.

2021-04-08 - Bill Schweber

Use gravity to store energy and release grid-level power

Power system engineers can use gravity to store energy from intermittent renewable sources and release grid-level power.

2020-02-10 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Hybrid Solar-Energy-Harvesting Solution

Integrated system simultaneously harvests and stores solar thermal energy with low losses for 24/7 power under all conditions.

2019-06-25 - Sam Bowman

Improving Energy Efficiency Through Smart Grid

The incorporation of green energy sources is one of the major benefits of switching to an updated grid system.