2020-03-03 - Bill Schweber

STEM MBAs: Substance or Superficial?

So what does STEM MBA mean, and is it really meaningful or not?

2018-12-24 - Rajan Bedi

Using live satellite Earth-observation data to promote STEM education

The latest initiative to promote STEM education is to enable pupils to acquire satellite imagery in real-time to deliver 'live…

2018-11-29 - Steve Taranovich

National Geographic has two new amazing, educational books

See what National Geographic has to offer with its latest space atlas and an almanac for 2019.

2017-11-21 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

Women in Tech: 25 Profiles in Persistence

EE Times profiled 25 women in tech. Our goal is to trigger discussions in the workplace, and around the dinner…

2017-09-07 - Junko Yoshida

Women in Tech: Profiles in Persistence

EE Times will shine a spotlight on "women in tech" in our special edition, illustrating the technical achievements, leadership and…

2017-06-16 - EDN Asia

LabVIEW toolkit powers IoT teaching programme

The integration of myRIO and the PTC ThingWorx online tools connects real-world measurements to cloud-hosted analysis and visualisation via the…