2022-06-21 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics, Sensory collaborate to enable mass-market adoption of embedded voice control

STMicroelectronics and Sensory are collaborating to enable the STM32 MCU user community to develop and prototype intuitive voice-based user interfaces…

2022-06-20 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics’ direct time-of-flight sensor uses less energy

STMicroelectronics' ToF ranging sensor offers up to double the ranging performance while reducing the power consumption by half.

2022-05-13 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics partners with AWS to strengthen IoT connection security

STMicroelectronics' latest solution helps connect IoT devices to AWS IoT Core easily and securely.

2022-05-06 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics automotive amplifier combines high-def audio with Class-G efficiency

STMicroelectronics' TDA7901 automotive amplifier integrates a buck controller for class-G power switching and supports high-definition audio.

2022-04-04 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics expands op amp portfolio with space-saving, low-offset model

The TSV772 dual op amp combines high accuracy, low power consumption, and the option of an extremely small 2-by-2mm DFN8…

2022-03-25 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics 50W GaN converter enables high-efficiency power designs in consumer, industrial applications

ST's VIPerGaN50 simplifies building single-switch flyback converters up to 50W and integrates a 650V GaN power transistor for improved energy…

2022-03-09 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics launches 0.5Mpx depth image sensor

STMicroelectronics' Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors bring advanced 3D depth imaging to smartphones and other devices.

2022-02-28 - Sachin Gupta

How PCM memory bolsters OTA firmware upgrades in vehicles

Here is how phase change memory (PCM) benefits the MCUs in performing OTA firmware upgrades in zone- and domain-based ECU…

2022-02-25 - Sachin Gupta

How MCU memory dictates zone and domain ECU architectures

Automakers around the globe are transitioning from traditional distributed ECU architectures to domain- or zone-based ECU architectures.

2022-01-11 - STMicroelectronics

ST intros first PowerGaN products for slimmer power supplies

STMicroelectronics's new family of GaN power semiconductors can significantly reduce energy use and enable slimmer power supply designs.