2022-10-05 - Pete Millet

Motor drive design: Integrated drivers vs. gate drivers

In the choice between monolithic and gate drivers with external MOSFETs to drive motors, cost, size and thermal issues are…

2021-06-23 - Richard Quinnell

A multi-tier approach to machine learning at the edge

A multi-tier approach to machine learning at the edge can help streamline both development and deployment for the AIoT.

2021-06-08 - Richard Quinnell

Guidelines provide a template for IoT cybersecurity

These guidelines form a pretty good template for improving cybersecurity in any IoT design.

2021-06-07 - Susan Nordyk

SOM accelerates deployment of edge-based applications

The Kria K26 adaptive system-on-module (SOM) from Xilinx is a production-ready embedded board for rapid deployment of edge-based applications.

2021-06-01 - Susan Nordyk

32-bit stereo audio DAC enables expressive playback

Part of Rohm’s MUS-IC series for high-end audio equipment, the BD34301EKV 32-bit stereo audio DAC enables expressive playback of music.

2021-05-13 - Richard Quinnell

What to consider when developing an IoT asset tracking system

Here are five of the most important issues that developers need to consider when designing an IoT asset tracking system.

2021-05-03 - Douglas Brooks and Johannes Adam

Determine PCB trace temperature using computer simulation models

When determining temperature of a PCB trace, there is more to consider than just current and power dissipation of the…

2021-04-20 - Glenn Weinreb

Make buildings smarter by networking processors with common software

To make buildings smarter, one could place a tiny processor at every location and network them together using common software.

2021-04-19 - Majeed Ahmad

Providing end-to-end security solutions from the edge to the cloud

NXP combines the security subsystem on its iMX processors with Microsoft’s Azure Sphere edge-to-cloud security service.

2021-04-07 - Richard Quinnell

Gas sensor becomes electronic nose through AI

Convert a generic gas sensor into a customizable electronic "nose" through AI and machine learning.