2019-06-20 - Noam Mizrahi

AI makes data storage more effective for analytics

Turning data into intelligence requires analysis. AI implemented in the storage controller can substantially speed that analysis, as this proof-of-concept…

2019-06-07 - Jitendra Mohan

Connectivity central to mainstreaming AI, machine learning workloads

There is a race to make AI results relevant, reliable, and readily available. Only those with AI models trained on…

2019-05-28 - Steve Taranovich

A digital mmW radar IC for automotive use

The company known as Uhnder is emerging from ‘stealth mode’ with their first digital radar chip.

2019-05-20 - Steve Taranovich

How the Sigmoid Function is Used in AI

The sigmoid logistic function was introduced by Pierre François Verhulst, who devised it as a model of population growth by…

2019-05-17 - Steve Taranovich

How It Works: Angle of Attack Sensor

As a member of the electronics design community, I am angry and disappointed with the recent deaths of 346 people…

2019-05-17 - Steve Wener

Passive thermal management optimizes Li-ion battery pack performance

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs power more portable electronic devices than any other type of battery. Passive thermal can help avoid…

2019-05-15 - Bonnie Baker

Ensuring System Accuracy Throughout the Years

By reviewing the voltage reference, one can predict the stability of the system over time.

2019-05-10 - Magnolia Potter

Innovations Shaping the Future of Transportation

New innovations are shaping transportation and leading the way to more advanced technologies that will take us into a new…

2019-05-08 - Martin Rowe

Student drone launches from portable base

Seniors at WPI show off their engineering projects to the public. The Oddisy Drone Dispatch System lets a drone stay…

2019-05-08 - Steve Taranovich

Improving Kinematic Control of Robots

Kinematic models are used instead of dynamic ones because they are simpler, and these types of robots just use the…