2016-05-16 - Rafael Camarota

CPLD’s internal oscillator does autocalibration

Read about an autocalibration sequence that synchronises a CPLD's internal oscillator with an external crystal oscillator, enabling ±0.3% accuracy.

2016-05-16 - Jui-I Tsai

Relays get rid of high-voltage noise

Here is a practical approach to reducing high-voltage-induced noise. A simple relay circuit cancels noise in the actuator stage of…

2016-05-16 - Stefaan Vanheesbeke

Swapping bits boosts performance of FPGA-PWM counter

A simple change to the specification of an FPGA counter lowers the ripple of a PWM counter functioning as a…

2016-05-16 - Antonio Di Rocco

Enable PCI-bus-arbiter core with VHDL program

In this article, we present a simple VHDL program that enables microprocessors or DSPs to act as PCI-bus masters.