2022-02-14 - Adam Sidelsky

How active short circuit bolsters protection in 48-V MHEVs

Electric motors such as starter-generators are at the heart of the mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEVs) to boost the low-speed…

2022-01-25 - Texas Instruments Inc.

TI buffer amplifier boosts signal bandwidth by 10x in data-acquisition systems

TI's BUF802 buffer amplifier is capable of supporting frequency bandwidths as high as 3GHz.

2021-12-07 - Texas Instruments Inc.

TI ADC pushes data-acquisition performance higher

TI's latest 24-bit wideband ADCs deliver industry-leading signal-measurement precision at wider bandwidths than competing devices.

2021-11-18 - Stephen Las Marias

TI wins four awards at EE Awards Asia and accelerates the momentum of GaN technology

Texas Instruments has won four awards at this year’s EE Awards Asia for its LMG3525R030-Q1 gallium nitride (GaN) device.

2021-09-24 - Texas Instruments

TI GaN technology powers Delta Electronics’ server PSUs for data centers

TI's GaN technology and C2000 MCUs are being used in Delta Electronics' enterprise server power-supply units.

2021-09-22 - Sanjeev Manandhar

Op amp enhances automotive LED string current balancing

Here is a comparison between discrete transistor-based solution and op-amp-based LED current balancing circuit used in multiple LED strings.

2021-08-05 - Javier Valle and Adrian Helwig, Texas Instruments

Why radiation hardness matters for point-of-load converters

Space-qualified FPGAs bring with them challenging voltage regulation requirements.

2021-08-04 - Manny Chavez, Texas Instruments

Improving isolated I2C interface with hot swap

The article explains what hot swap is, the benefits of hot-swappable I2C, and the additional benefits of isolated I2C with…

2021-07-13 - Chris Glaser

Should you operate your step-down converter in power-save or forced PWM mode?

Power supply designers should select optimum operating mode for each voltage rail based on how it affects system-level performance.

2021-03-25 - Vishwanath Tigadi, Raghavendra Chavan, and Bhushan Waghmare

Power supply design using online tools

The online design automation tools allow engineers to develop and test power supply applications quickly.