2017-03-10 - IHS Markit

China to lead 4K, 8K TV shipments until 2020

Driven by affordable pricing, early-adopting China's consumers are seen to indulge in 65-inch 8K LCD TVs, according to analysts at…

2017-02-28 - Carolyn Mathas

OLEDs poised to shake up automotive market

Power, cost, safety efficiency and style are encapsulation method breakthroughs that may drive OLEDs to the realm of the automotive…

2017-02-07 - Julien Happich

French start-up pursues EV standardisation

While its competitors all have excellent proprietary products, Silicon Mobility believes there is a need to go open source.

2017-02-01 - ABI Research

LiDAR sensor sales to cross 69 million units in 2026

The scale and frequency of investments, and OEM and Tier One start-ups demonstrate that the automotive industry places great value…

2017-01-20 - Rick Merritt

IoT start-up rides LoRa with $7M funding for OEM

TrackNet plans to produce hybrid LoRa/Wi-Fi routers and as many as seven sensors by June.

2017-01-13 - Chandran Nair

5G will spur IoT deployment

Smartphones will soon not be the only devices that require a data connection. The availability of 5G will burgeon a…

2017-01-13 - Chandran Nair

5G calls for reliable infrastructure

Developments in multi-antenna systems, chipset design and larger spectrum utilisation will help further the advancement 5G capabilities.

2017-01-06 - Carolyn Mathas

Smart homes, price declines impact LED market

It’s the new applications for solid-state lighting, and its role in the collection and processing of data that bodes well…

2016-12-27 - Gartner

Why VPA is the future of user-smartphone interaction

In the near future, many mobile apps will fade and become subservants of VPAs.

2016-11-23 - Julien Happich

Sigfox raises $166M to expand global network

The company is also eyeing Industry 4.0 as a key growth path, hence its plans to integrate its data networking…