2020-10-01 - Richard Quinnell

PAM4 signaling for high-speed DRAM

Micron Technology has brought PAM4 signaling to high-speed DRAM in a release that may well be the dawn of the…

2020-09-29 - Brian Dipert

Obsolescence by design case studies

"Obsolescence by design" encompasses not only hardware and software flaws in devices but also suppliers' reticence to fix them.

2020-09-14 - Lauro Rizzatti, Mika Castren and Ron Squiers

Unified, pre- and post-silicon verification strategy for 5G designs

This unified, pre- and post-silicon verification strategy for 5G designs is based on hardware emulation.

2020-09-11 - Susan Nordyk

Vector signal generator targets automotive, IoT sectors

The R&S SMCV100B generator covers the 5G NR extended FR1 frequency range up to 7.125 GHz for use in automotive,…

2020-09-10 - Zhihong Lin

Redrivers and retimers maintain satisfactory signal quality

Signal conditioners such as redrivers or retimers maintain satisfactory signal quality and system performance in high-speed Ethernet networks serving data…

2020-09-09 - Nitin Dahad

Mobile edge computing powering virtualized 5G networks and industry

In completing the first end-to-end fully virtualized 5G data session in the U.S. recently, Verizon said this paves the way…

2020-09-08 - Parker Dorris and Lauren Handel, Silicon Labs

Tips for effective use of technical documentation

Design engineers can use these tips for effective usage of hardware, software, and development tool documentation.

2020-09-07 - Richard Quinnell

Touchless control panels for avoiding contaminated surfaces

Design engineers are leveraging existing wireless and sensor technologies to create solutions for avoiding contaminated surfaces in elevators and kiosks.

2020-09-03 - Asem Elshimi

Designing a Bluetooth bracelet system for contact tracing

Here is how a bracelet system design can send data to the server and detect proximity with each other using…

2020-08-28 - Chris T. Burket

Untangling in-vehicle wireless power design challenges

Car model implementation numbers, with wireless charging available, have grown from 40+ in early 2016, to 100+ models (currently).