2022-06-28 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics NFC readers accelerate payment and consumer application designs

STMicroelectronics' ST25R3916B-AQWT and ST25R3917B-AQWT NFC Forum Reader devices help accelerate payment and consumer application designs.

2022-05-31 - Jessy Cavazos, Keysight Technologies

What’s new with Wi-Fi 6E? More interference testing

Because 6GHz bands are already being used by many devices, Wi-Fi 6E requires new tests to prevent interference.

2022-05-25 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip launches fully integrated Precise Time Scale System

Microchip's Precise Time Scale System enables complete control over the time source that their infrastructure depends on.

2022-05-25 - Majeed Ahmad

Broadcom to strengthen cloud software capabilities in bid for VMware

At the outset, it seems another attempt to align chipmaker Broadcom to the software side of the rapidly growing data…

2022-05-12 - Jessy Cavazos, Keysight Technologies

What are the standards for 5G private networks?

Although the use of 5G private networks is not specific to any industry, the manufacturing sector has the most to…

2022-05-05 - Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz, Qualcomm partner to demo end-to-end real-time 5G Broadcast streaming to smartphones

Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm have joined forces to deliver a full end-to-end live 5G Broadcast/Multicast streaming demonstration at CABSAT…

2022-04-29 - Tairan Sun, Bill Wang, Shawn Liu, and Aaron He, Analog Devices Inc.

Developing an electronic toll collection roadside unit module with an RF transceiver

This article describes an electronic toll collection (ETC) roadside unit (RSU) module implementation using the AD9361 RF transceiver.

2022-04-26 - Energous Corp.

Energous transmitter tech receives regulatory approval in China

Energous' WattUp PowerBridge transmitter technology has been approved by China's MIIT for IoT applications.

2022-04-21 - NXP Semiconductors

Balancing the trade-offs of making 5G a working reality

5G is more than just an overlay on the previous generation—it's a seismic shift that brings fundamental change at every…

2022-04-14 - Majeed Ahmad

What has changed in the design journey from Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 7

The modern evolution of Wi-Fi shows why WiFi-7 is needed to bolster speed, reduce latency and manage determinism in highly…