2022-01-03 - Christian Merz

Impedance matching for NFC applications: Part 2

This article, the second part in a two-part series, focuses on the application of impedance matching to an NFC output…

2021-12-30 - Christian Merz

Impedance matching for NFC applications (Part 1)

Here's a look at the theory of complex conjugate impedance matching when it comes to NFC.

2021-12-29 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon OPTIGA ensures secure automotive wireless charging

OPTIGA Trust Charge automotive is an embedded security solution with WPC-compliant provisioning and revocation services, and Qi 1.3-compliant cryptography features.

2021-12-24 - Dr. Ahmad Glover and Cherif Chibane

The fundamental problems with ‘traditional’ power transmission

The growth of touchless wireless power transfer is ushering in a disruptive technology for medium-range and long-range transmission.

2021-12-21 - Brendon McHugh and Kaue Morcelles

Selecting the right software defined radio solution for your application

SDRs are available in a wide range of performance, form factor and cost, so choosing the right SDR for your…

2021-12-15 - Susan Nordyk

Compute SoC advances Android smartphones

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G mobile platform packs a modem-RF system that boasts 10-Gbps download speeds.

2021-11-30 - STMicroelectronics

NFC Type 2 Tag IC has privacy features and augmented NDEF

STMicroelectronics' NFC Type 2 tag ICs deliver a new balance of cost and performance for high-volume use cases.

2021-11-25 - Bonnie Baker

Bluetooth spec’s design journey from Classic to LE Audio

LE Audio standard defines a new architecture to satisfy multiple requirements like low power consumption, smaller devices, and lower latency.

2021-11-18 - Stephen Las Marias

NXP bags six honors at EE Awards Asia

NXP Semiconductors has received six awards for its MCU, IoT cybersecurity IC, power semiconductor, and RF/wireless IC at the inaugural…

2021-11-18 - Stephen Las Marias

Nordic Semiconductor SoC touts advanced security features for the most complex IoT applications

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF5340 high-end multiprotocol SoC based on an Arm Cortex-M33 has received the Best RF & Wireless IC of…