Teardown: What do you get in a $10 drone?

Article By : Brian Dipert

In this article, EDN's Brian Dipert tears down a $10 tiny drone.

The cost of latest-generation drones costs about $1000, if not more. Now there are also drones that go for $100, and $10<img alt=" Yes you read that right Back in February, I picked up a Cheerson CX-10 Quadcopter for that price from bargain site Meh. Ok, I confess … I picked up two CX-10s, plus a SJ230 mid-size helicopter (hey, I had to amortize the $5 fixed shipping charge).

The SJ230 awaits a future dissection; today's victim is the CX-10, plus its companion wireless controller. Here are the packaging shots:

[CX-10]" src="https://images.contentful.com/7jb0g1eg08yi/2AVbnxvW4km02csmAU0aWS/a1172b37905bc76e3b1033c222c29b94/front_package.jpg" /> [bottom package] [CX-10 quadcopter in package]

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