Toshiba, Denso talk closer collaboration

Article By : Vivek Nanda

Denso and Toshiba are discussing further collaboration in IoT-based manufacturing, ADAS and automated driving.

Denso Corp. and Toshiba Corp. have initiated discussions to enhance their collaboration in several fields including, IoT-based manufacturing, advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and automated driving.

The aim is for collaborations to combine Denso's technology and manufacturing capability in the automotive market and Toshiba’s image recognition, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and software development technologies.

In the fields of ADAS and automated driving, the companies have jointly developed AI technologies used in image recognition systems and they have worked together in a wide range of areas including the development of automotive lithium-ion battery packs and software for ECUs used in automotive components.

The companies have been working together on Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology that can be used in image recognition systems (independently developed by the companies). DNN is an algorithm modelled after neural networks of the human brain and the companies want the technology to be able to perform image recognition processing to an even higher level. In DNN-based image recognition, a computer would extract and learn the characteristics of objects, boosting the accuracy of detection and identification of objects.

Earlier last month, Toshiba and Denso also announced that they will form a joint venture with Suzuki Motor Corp. to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. Suzuki is the parent company of India's largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, and the battery production is planned for EVs in India.

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