Toshiba enhances photocoupler characteristics

Article By : Toshiba

The TLP5214A is an enhanced version of the TLP5214 smart gate driver photocoupler. It delivers an improved desaturation sensing characteristics.

Toshiba Corp.’s Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Co. today announced the launch of TLP5214A, a new smart gate driver photocoupler for driving medium-power IGBTs and power MOSFETs that delivers an improved desaturation sensing characteristics compared to the current TLP5214. Mass production shipments start today.

The new TLP5214A integrates such features as desaturation leading edge blanking time, filtering time, and optimization of soft turn-off performance. These features contribute to secure execution of applications by suppressing short-time pulse noise during switching and desaturation sensing.

*Figure 1: Applications of Toshiba's TLP5214A range from IGBT/MOSFET drives and many industrial inverters.*

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