Transistor arrays cut power loss by 40%

Article By : Toshiba

Additions to Toshiba's TBD62XXX transistor arrays feature high voltage tolerance and minimal power consumption, and maximum output rating of 50V/0.5A.

Toshiba has added 19 products to its TBD62xxxA transistor arrays series equipped with DMOS FET outputs. The new devices join the 37 other products that have found wide application in areas including motors, relays, LEDs and level shifters for control communication lines. The TBD62XXX transistor arrays series cut power loss by about 40% compared to its TD62XXX predecessor (in the condition of Ta=25°C and IOUT is 200mA).

11 sink- and 8 source-output types of transistor arrays are suitable for supplying power source and constructing on and off control systems in electric lighting applications. Dynamic control of the LED matrix is possible by combination of source output and sink output.

[Toshiba new-gen transistor arrays fig1 (cr)]
Figure 1: DMOS FET transistor arrays tolerate higher voltage and consume less power due to the reduced on-resistance of the output stage.

Products currently in mass production are mainly H-active type products in which output is turned on if H level is input. Toshiba is now adding Low-active (L-active) products in which output is turned on if L level is input. L-active products are well suited to level shifters for control communication lines in industrial equipment, amusement equipment and home appliances.

In addition, Toshiba is likewise expanding its TBD62381A series with the launch of TBD62089APG (a sink-output type transistor array equipped with D-type Flip Flop 8-bit circuits) and TBD62789APG multiple transistors. Toshiba has also added a source-output type transistor array, TBD62789APG, in response to demand from the amusement and industrial equipment field.

The entire Toshiba transistor arrays outings boast absolute maximum output rating is 50V/0.5A.

[Toshiba DMOS FET transistor arrays fig2 (cr)]
Figure 2: Toshiba has expanded its transistor arrays series for a wider variety of output and input methods and functions. Its latest outings come in DIP packages, where there is strong demand for the hobby goods, amusement and industrial equipment fields; SOL packages that support surface mounting; and small SSOP packages (0.65mm pin pitch) suitable for saving space in set products.

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